Meet the Crew: A.J.

March 25, 2016

Meet the Crew: A.J.


Our next interview in the Meet the Crew series finds its way to A.J. Davis. A.J. has always been the type to alleviate any stress in the office with a quick joke or a change of pace, and it's certainly welcome on those days with a million things to do. He's also way too clever for his own good, but don't ever tell him that. Meet A.J.

Introduce yourself!

Hello, I'm A.J. Davis, AKA Dr. Chicken Parmesan, AKA Dorothy, AKA Alfred E. Oldman, AKA Howdy Doodat, AKA The Mash Potato Kid, AKA Baby Ruth, and I am the Sales Representative for Steadfast Brand. I am also a father, a fiancé, and a laugh riot (depending on who you ask, just don't ask my fiancé).

So what do you do at the office?

I manage wholesale accounts and everything that entails: e-mailing, phone calls, informing clients of new or restocked product, finding new retailers to stock our brand, putting orders together, etc. 

How did you first hear about Steadfast Brand?

I used to be an assistant manager at a shoe store in the mall that carried the brand. It was either flying off of our shelves, or being requested.

It’s that time; tell us two work stories. One about someone else, and one about you.

There was a period of about a week or two that fellow crew members Marquis, Postell, and I were preeeeetty deep in a "rap beef" with each other, so we all recorded "freestyles" on our phones "dissing" each other. Needless to say, I was clearly (CLEARLY) the victor. Marquis was a formidable opponent, but Postell never stood a chance. I believe this answer satisfies both criteria of your question.

You have an ever-changing preference for the music at work. What’s your go-to Pandora station on a Monday morning?

It depends, I'm a pretty complex person. Sometimes it's some hip hop (Hail Mary Mallon, Run The Jewels), if I'm trying to get "turnt." Sometimes it's early to mid-nineties emo (Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil), if I'm feeling reflective or trying to relive my glory days. What it is not, ever, is Weezer. I will thumbs down Weezer all day, every day, until Pandora finally gets it through it's thick skull that Buddy Holly isn't welcome around here.

When you aren’t at the office, what do you enjoy doing?

Hanging out with my daughter, playing video games, pod-casting, spray painting tee shirts, or scouring my local retailers for Funko POPs.
funko pop

You usually have a podcast on during work. Tell us about some of your favorites.

I think top of my list would have to be "A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan". I've been listening to these guys for 15 years or so (they used to be on a morning radio show here in town), and they're hometown guys making a name for themselves doing what they love to do. Next would probably be Harmontown, hosted by Dan Harmon (creator of Community and Rick And Morty). The guy is so intelligent, honest, and makes for a great chronicling of his hills and valleys.

When someone asks you what you’re doing after work, you usually respond with, “Hanging out with my daughter.” What are some of your favorite things to do with her?

She's 5, so she just likes doing stuff. It makes it pretty easy, and most things are a first time experience for her. She really likes bowling and miniature golfing, so we try to do one of those as often as possible. We play video games, she's super into Fallout 4 (I'm kidding, she's more into Grand Theft Auto 5). I really just enjoy sitting and talking with her. She's just so smart and beautiful, I'm proud to be able to call her my best friend. I'm a lucky man.

Your beard far surpasses any beard that has graced employment at Steadfast Brand in it's sheer majesty, what's your secret?

I eat about 36-60 eggs a week. I wouldn't even say that I eat them; I beast them, really. It has to be the eggs, I think.

What's your favorite diner food?

8 eggs, over easy....6 slices of toast.

You are really into stand up comedy, sometimes doing it yourself. Who are your favorite comedians right now?

Louis CK and Bill Burr top the list, but I think those are to be the expected answers. I also really like Hannibal Burress, Mike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt, and David Cross. OH! John Mulaney's new special, The Comeback Kid, is incredible.


A.J.'s charisma and comedic prowess most certainly speak for themselves, in and out of an interview setting. (Editor's note: I sit right next to A.J. at work and can most certainly attest to this statement.) Steadfast Brand benefits greatly from having A.J. on the crew, and always looks forward to working with him to spread our brand's merchandise and message.

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