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The Battle: For Scott Marshall

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The letter below is about the passing of Scott Marshall. Please read with an open mind and heart. We are going to release the shirt that we were working on with Scott. This will be produced with the support of Marc Lescarbeau of Needlejig and Tommy of Tommy's Tattoo Supply, that also backed Scott, and all of the proceeds will go to his family. We are doing this not only to help out during this time, but also to realize another goal he had: to have his art reach and impact more people. Another huge focus is to bring awareness to depression--that more and more people not only suffer from, but more often than not, goes undetected by friends and peers. Please take the time to read and understand where you really are in life and the mental well-being of your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. This could have been avoided; so let's all try to make sure we don't lose another great person because we didn't see what they were going through.
I want everyone to know why Scott Marshall died last weekend. I am not sure how, or if I am even fit to be the spokesman, but the story needs to be told. More importantly, the story needs to be heard by a great many. There are a lot of people that think Scott was just a cocky TV star that had it easy. That's the way it appeared to most of the world. Scott did learn things a bit faster than most people, but he also put in a tremendous amount of work to accomplish just about anything he put his mind to. He did whatever was needed in an effort to take better care of his clients, friends, and most importantly, his family. Most saw him as being hilarious and funny, and he usually kept everyone around him endlessly entertained. I now believe that this was because he did not want anyone that he knew to feel the kind of pain that he felt inside on a regular basis, only to feel joy. The people that really knew Scott knew how hard he has always been on himself. He was never satisfied, overly critical of himself, and plagued with exponential guilt that he felt over the smallest mistakes that he may have made in his life. I now know that he actually suffered from depression, and has for a good number of years. I also can now see that the over indulgence was not for enjoyment or a lack of self control. It was simply to self medicate for this disease he had that I was not aware of. I just spent some quality time with his family, friends and the community in which he lived. I met some really amazing people that surrounded him every day from all walks of life. Everyone was just as impressed with Scott as I was from the first day that I met him. He had the ability to connect with just about anyone, and was very sincere in his interactions with everyone.
My message is simple. Now that you may have a little more insight into what really happened, I hope that you can all stop and take a look around you, maybe even take a look at yourself. Look for symptoms of depression and the traits exhibited by those who might be depressed. If you feel depressed please find someone to talk to. We all have people that love us and would love to help you. If you know someone who is depressed just talk to them and let them know that they are loved. Do not wait until it is too late because the pain of losing someone you love is tremendous. This is especially true when it is something that can be avoided with something as simple as a smile, hug or few kind words.
I am also writing this on behalf of his family. They have just suffered a huge loss. They need help. I know that they would never ask for it, but they need it. Many think that because Scott was on TV that he somehow becomes magically wealthy. That is not even close to the reality of it. Even the winnings from the show do not go far after taxes with the traveling to keep in the public eye and meet all his fans on the road. When you work for yourself, there aren't a whole lot of benefits and there is a lot of struggle. We take care of each other. Please help me take care of my family.
There are a couple ways to help the woman he loved and their three beautiful children.
The first is a direct donation via a page that was set up for them and here is the link: Give what you can, and if you cannot give, please share the page so that others see it.
My company (Needlejig Tattoo Supply, Inc.) is also working in conjunction with Chris Collins (Steadfast Brand) and Tom Ringwalt (Tommy's Supplies) to produce a shirt design that Scott had in the works with Chris, but they did not get it finished. All proceeds from the shirt sales will go directly to the family to help them in this time of need. The shirts are now available for pre-sale right here. Once the shirts arrive you will be able to get the shirts through any of our three websites.
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Chris also has prints that he produced for Scott, and he agreed that all proceeds from the prints he has and all future prints produced will go directly to the family. The prints are available here.
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Marc Lescarbeau

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