Meet the Crew: Marquis

November 03, 2015

Meet the Crew: Marquis

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Our Meet the Crew series takes it next stop at Marquis Williams. Marquis has shown a lot of the office what dedication looks like, both in and out of the workplace. He's on top of the warehouse workflow and heads to the studio to work on his music every chance he gets. A simple glance at his social media says it all; every day, he's posting inspirational quotes that range from philosophers, friends, to even himself. He's a diligent worker, and most importantly, always reminds everyone to just be themselves. Or, should we say, "Bhee You."  

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

I work in the warehouse at Steadfast Brand. I'm the guy pulling/packing orders and wholesales to make sure it gets to people safely and in great condition. I keep track of our inventory which corresponds with making sure the right people know about our most popular items. 

How did you come to work with Steadfast Brand?

I was working at Jimmy John's when I came across an ad for Steadfast Brand. I had an interview and I did what I had to do. I think the fact that I was in the military gave me an advantage. 

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When you aren’t working in the warehouse, how do you occupy your free time?

I'm often writing or in the studio when I'm free. It's gotten to a point where I'd figure out whole verses down at work and have to write it down immediately. 

What’s one thing you have to do before work every day?

I have to listen to Norah Jones before work. She sets the early morning mood for me... That's bae.

It’s that time; tell us a work story.

When I first started working here everyone always wanted me to rap or play them some new music. One person in particular took it too far, Postell. He'd walk around singing my songs but switch the words around to make it sound like it was his song. He then started throwing hints that he wanted to battle rap. He recorded "56 Bars" which turned out to only be 12 bars. Everyone thought his diss was ok... Until they heard mine. Long story short I destroyed him and haven't heard him rap since... RIP Lil Postey.

Marquis Headshot

How do you operate in the studio?

I pretty much rap about something happening in my life and the beat sets the mood on what type of track it turns out to be. One of my producers would send me a beat and my mind just gets to running. Depending on the circumstances I write my songs before heading to the studio to make it a masterpiece. 

Can we expect some music from you in the near future?

Yes, I'm actually working on a project called "Mood Swings". It should be done before the year is out. Marquis Promo 2

What’s the ideal vacation for you?

My ideal vacation isn't much of a vacation. I would like to leave the United States and head towards Europe to tour doing music. I love seeing different cultures and their reaction towards hip hop.

If we were to ask the office, what would they say your nicknames are?

BheeYou (my rap name) because all you have to do is be you. BheeYou

What’s your favorite thing about working with Steadfast Brand?

I love the fact that I get to see where my hard work goes and the fact that I'm actually watching a brand grow to be something great. 

We owe a lot of the warehouse's incredible workflow to Marquis and love seeing his own future grow with ours. Keep on the lookout for posts concerning his musical projects, or check out his website here.

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