Meet the Crew: Postell

October 14, 2015

Meet the Crew: Postell

Postell Header

This time around, we're placing the Crew spotlight on Postell, easily our tallest employee of the bunch. He's been a great addition to the company ever since he started, and if you've ever bought Steadfast Brand gear online, he's had a heavy hand in getting it there. Read more about his workplace stories, gaming lifestyle, and love for classical music here!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

Well, my name is Chris Postell. I've been with Steadfast Brand for about a year and a half now. When I first started with the company, I began pulling orders and shipping them around the world to our customers. I now oversee all operations of shipping and receiving, as well as assisting management over our warehouse.
Postell at Work

How did you get your start with Steadfast Brand?

I got a call one day asking if I'd be interested in coming in and interviewing for our shipping department. The manager noticed I was knowledgeable in a lot of the things they were looking to do with the brand. At that point, I think they saw that I was a pretty good fit for the company.

Aside from work, what other activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

Two things I'm very passionate about are designing apps and gaming. I've been lucky enough to travel to some pretty cool places like Vegas, Miami, and Atlantic City to compete for a lot of money in video game tournaments.  If I'm not frying my brain playing video games, I'm learning everything possible about designing mobile apps.
Postell Gaming Competition

Everyone has a story to share from the office; give us your go-to.

I don't know where to begin. There are so many stories to tell when you work for Steadfast Brand. One story that does stick out that I'll never forget is when I got my first tattoo... "at work" I might add. My first tattoo came from the great Alex Nunez. He was in town for a tattoo expo and came by our shop. I told him I was very interested in having him do my first tattoo. I mentioned I was a Leo, and within a hour, he drew up one of the sickest lion tattoos I've ever seen.
Postell Tattoo

What is your 10-year plan?

Wow, 10 year plan... I don't even know what I'm planning to do tomorrow. Ten years from now, I see myself having put together some app/apps that would change the world from what we're used to today. I'd also like to travel during that time to visit some other countries and do some humanitarian work. Steadfast Brand means a lot to me, and I can only imagine how big we'd be by then, so I'd still like to be apart of the movement.

The music is essential to the office’s workflow; what do you like to listen to?

Man, music is everything here! Besides hip-hop/rap, believe it or not I'm a HUGE fan of classical music. Schubert's "Ave Maria" is probably one of my favorite works ever composed.
Postell and Stephen

What are your favorite sports, and their respective teams?

That's easy. #1.) Football  - St.Louis Rams. #2.) Basketball - LA Lakers. #3.) Baseball - NY Yankees. Don't ask why, I'm geographically challenged.

How would your co-workers describe you with 10 words or less?

How would everyone here describe Postell in 10 words or less, hmm. Besides foolish.. Kind, Creative, Cocky, Different, "POSTELL"

What is your favorite aspect of working with Steadfast Brand?

The idea that you can mesh all of these different personalities and backgrounds into a group of people who are devoted to one goal: building Steadfast Brand into something not many people expected it to be. It's exciting. You hear a lot of people complain about their job, but I love my job and my co-workers. I think everyone feels the same here, as well. For me, it's like a home away from home.
Postell Headshot

Are there any projects coming up within the company that you’re excited about?

I have this one idea that I've been planning for some time now and I actually see it coming into play. I won't give it away quite yet, but I'm excited for our customers to see the future.

You mentioned you're a fan of classical music when did that begin?

I use to have a MP3 player as a kid, but I didn't have access to a computer to put music on it. When I first bought it, it only had sample music on it. All the sample music happened to be classical music. After that I kind of fell in love with it, and have been listening to it ever since.

When it comes to the people you work with, goal-oriented and dedicated individuals stand out. Postell brings his A-game to work with him every day, and it's great to see his dedication to the brand and its future. We are grateful to have him stay the course with us.

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