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Gunnar Opens Art Gallery

Our good friend Gunnar Gaylord recently opened up his art gallery in downtown Lancaster, Ohio! Gunnar has said that the art gallery is "...more of a portfolio. Because a lot of the work I do isn’t stuff you’re going to hang above your couch, so to say. The goal is more in showcasing what I do.”

The gallery, known as Art of Gunnar Gallery and Studio, is looking to get an art school started there soon. “For me, it was something that changed my life,” Gaylord said. “I wanted to kind of bring that to people and offer that to other people. So my goal isn’t to create professional artists, but it’s to help hobbyists that want to make their art a little bit better and kind of push them along."

Gunnar also wants to eventually provide a market for art supplies for interested customers. “There’s a need for artists to be able to have supplies, and I thought that would be something that would be worthwhile for people here that they might enjoy.” 

The studio looks great (just like his art), and we can't wait to be in town to drop by for a visit! Congrats on the grand opening, Gunnar, and best of luck to you.

Check out more pics/info on Gunnar's studio here!

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