Tattooed and Employed Stories: BJ the Monster Truck Driver

August 18, 2015

Tattooed and Employed Stories: BJ the Monster Truck Driver

Isn't it just the best when someone describes their job as something outside of a desk and a computer? It's even better when that person follows it up with a strong love for what they do, a passion for it. Let us introduce you to BJ Johnson.

BJ has been a proud sponsor of Steadfast Brand for some time now, and one of the most determined and dedicated athletes we've ever known. He's been heavily involved with the world of pro-racing for almost his entire life, and he has maintained a great platform for his Mohawk Warrior moniker. BJ recently stopped by our offices in Orlando, so we promptly decided to make him our next Tattooed and Employed Story. Read on to find out more about BJ's life, career and his aspirations for the future.    

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is BJ Johnson. I was born and raised in a small town in the center of California called Chowchilla. When I was six years old I first started riding dirt bikes and fell in love with motor-sports. When I was 15 years old I went pro and had a factory ride with Suzuki for three years after that. My dirt bike career ended when I was 18 due to injuries. After that, I started dirt track racing. Next was drag boat racing, demolition derby, sprint cars, mud racing, off road trucks, pro arena trucks, etc. You could basically say anything with a motor, I raced. In 2000 I met Kreg Christensen and was offered a seat behind the Dragon Slayer Monster Jam® truck. I worked with Kreg for four years. From then on, I have raced over 20 different Monster Jam trucks filling in for different teams along the way.

2. How did you get your start in pro competition?

I have always been fortunate enough to enter every new adventure at pro level. I have worked my tail off to try to be the best at everything I can and excel. I pretty much wake up every morning and piss excellence. ;P

3. Explain the origin of the Mohawk Warrior title.

In 2010 my Mohawk Warrior teammate George Balhan drove the Escalade Monster Truck and everyone loved his signature look, the Mohawk of course. So they came up with the Mohawk Warrior Monster truck that has a 3 foot jet black Mohawk on top of the truck.

4. Since Monster Jam is all over the world, you must travel a lot. What are 3 things you couldn’t leave without?

1. My gear bag with my helmet, fire-suit and neck restraint in it.
2. My hairspray and gel.
3. My lucky underwear.

5. What do you love the most about your career?

I love the traveling and being able to visit new places with my girlfriend, who is also my crew chief. It’s so awesome being able to meet all the fans around the world that come to our shows.

6. Tell us about your tattoo collection and your artists.

I have tattoos from all over the United States and Canada from various artists. I have tattoos that remind me about different chapters of my life, good and bad. Some of my tattoos represent monster trucks, my daughters, and the “bad boy” side of me.

7. How have tattoos affected your life and career?

I have been lucky enough to never have any issues with my tattoos and my careers. I have been a racer my whole life and it sets me apart from the rest. When I first stepped into the monster truck scene, they were looking for someone to be the bad guy. And I fit perfectly with my attitude and tattoos. I was the one that everyone loved to hate. It also helped that I could always back up what I said. They may have not always remembered my name but they would all tell you it was the guy with a Mohawk and tattoos, it became my signature look.

8. What are your plans for future tattoos?

I have a few ideas that I would still like to get done. I want a large gargoyle statue on my back, and a tattoo that represents the Mohawk Warrior Monster Truck that I drive. I also have a very special tattoo that I want to get done on my leg. My oldest daughter Harley, who is a very talented artist, drew me a tattoo of an anchor with a skull on top.

9. How did you find out about Steadfast Brand?

I saw and bought the Tattooed and Employed shirts and I absolutely loved it. I wore it around and got so many compliments since I usually get judged by the way I look. I then contacted Chris at Steadfast about a potential apparel sponsorship.

10. What does Steadfast Brand mean to you?

I feel that people are constantly judged by the way they look, and no one gets a chance to be themselves. I feel that Steadfast Brand allows you to be proud of your tattoos and point them out. They help to express people’s points of view. “Yes I have tattoos, and a damn good job, thanks for noticing.”

11. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Normally we don’t have a lot of free time or down time. When we aren’t eating, sleeping or breathing monster trucks, I love to enjoy Florida. I enjoy doing normal things and spending time with my girlfriend. We recently bought a fishing boat and I enjoy fishing in Tampa Bay.

12. What does the future hold for the Mohawk Warrior?

The future of the Mohawk Warrior is uncertain. I hope for a chance at a world title, but for now we will keep going big ,trying to bring home the victories week after week, making all the little warriors in the Mohawk Nation proud. Remember, we might not win them all, but we always make the highlight reel! 

We continue to support and back BJ in every endeavor, and hope that the Mohawk Warrior continues to entertain and motivate people for years to come. We'd also like to send a huge thank you to BJ for always being a perfect representative of Steadfast Brand and our message. 


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