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Meet the Crew: Richie

No operation is run by one man; you need a crew of people that support each other, stick to the same goal, and foresee the outcome. Steadfast Brand is no different, so we want to let you (virtually) step inside our office and meet some of the people that pack your gear, chat with you online, and keep you updated!

Our first staff member to step forward with his completed interview was the warehouse manager himself, Richie.
Richie has been with Steadfast Brand for almost 6 years now, but he's been working with the founder Chris for over a decade. Check out his interview below!

What do you do here?

Well, my business card says that I'm the Warehouse Manager and Operations Supervisor. I like the way it sounds so I don't argue.

Did you come to Steadfast, or did Steadfast come to you?

Chris was with my sister when I first moved to Florida 12 years ago. He owned Fat Kats Artistry Tattoo and I'd hang out there all the time. One day, his counter guy quit and he asked if I wanted the job. I said, "I sure do" and quit the job I had at the moment as a carpet cleaner the next day. I worked there off and on for the next 7 years until he finally asked me if I wanted to move to Orlando and join Steadfast. At first it was just Chris, Aurora, and myself for about a year until Stephen came along. Then Dani joined us shortly after.

Would you die for your job?
Uhhh, depends on the death I guess. So I'm gonna go with a strong "Probably Not." But who knows? Maybe a situation will arise where, to keep the company going, somebody would have to be sacrificed by being smothered to death by a gang of naked beautiful women? I might step up to plate and take one for the team, then.

Who’s your favorite person to pick on in/out of the warehouse?
In the warehouse? Probably Postell. He makes it easy most times and in my older age I'm not as quick with the wit per say, so it's nice to get some practice in before I need to use it in any real world circumstances. Outside the warehouse? Stephen. The only reason being that I like to see him cry.

Tell us about Creep.
Well, The Creep is my side bitch. Literally, she's my dog... She's a Chug, a Chihuahua Pug mix. She's about 2 years old and is awesome. She has an amazing under bite, growls like a gremlin (no joke), and is always able to make me laugh. She's kinda clumsy and I'm kinda easily entertained.

You have Michael Jackson memorabilia littered amongst your office space; childhood hero or joke we aren’t in on?
First off buddy, I don't like the tone of your question when it comes to my personal property. Secondly, they are not "littered" amongst my desk. Each collectible action figure is expertly placed in a position to show the greatness of the King of Pop. Thirdly, shut up.

How often do you get to travel with Steadfast for conventions?
Every year we put on a Tattoo Convention at the Leesburg Bikefest in Leesburg, Florida and I've been to all of them. Other than that, not much. I like the "Behind the Scenes" of the Bikefest and really didn't enjoy just working a booth, until recently. I've gotten to know a few really good people in the industry and have been having a little more fun at them. Plus, I like the traveling. Not a big airplane person, but driving is fine for me. Being paid to travel to a place where you get to hang out with cool people is becoming alright with me.

Give us some TV shows/movies that we should be watching right now.
Aw man... How much time do we have? I'm a huge cinephile. Depending on what genre you like there could be a million answers for this. I'll try to keep it short by putting just the "Must Watch." For TV, I think Better Call Saul is great; a little slow but worth it. Game of Thrones of course. If you're not watching that show, just do it. The Walking Dead, no reason needed. And I'll end it with a wild card called the Amazing World of Gumball. Just shut up and give it a chance... For movies, I'll go with It Follows. I love a horror movie that keeps you looking in the background. John Wick has a cool world that it introduces the audience to. I'll end with another wild card, which is The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my favorites. I tried to keep to newer TV and movies so this list does not reflect my overall choice or taste. Don't judge me on these choices alone.

Simply put, the warehouse, the crew, and this brand wouldn't be complete without Richie. He adds a certain (sometimes uncomfortable) flair to his job and all of ours. A day at the office would feel off if Captain Awesome wasn't there. Or not.

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