Steadfast Sweetheart: Heidi

August 03, 2015

Steadfast Sweetheart: Heidi

The Steadfast Sweethearts are more than just models. All of the Sweethearts play important roles in our brand, from social media management to promotion, to just being an awesome representation of Steadfast. We figured it's about time we introduced you to some of these amazing women.

Our first Sweetheart interview goes out to the always incredible Heidi Lavon. Heidi has been a great advocate of Steadfast Brand for a few years now, and we love having her hard work ethic on board. Read on to find out more about her, her start with modeling, and how she came to work with us. 

Tell us a bit about yourself/what you do!

Most would describe me as loud, but I just like to think of myself as "present." I'm self-aware, resourceful, and strong. I kind of march to the sound of my own drum. Born in Arizona, raised in Alaska, and now I reside happily in Portland, Oregon. When I'm not visiting tattoo shows, prancing around in front of a camera, and stuck behind social media, I do hair four days a week with my best friend. As long as I'm fed, I stay happy and grateful 24/7.

What pursued you to become a model? 

Honestly, it just kind of, happened. Some ladies know in the beginning its what they want. I'm kind of more of a "freestyle" kind of gal.


How did you get your start in the business?

I hung out more with dudes growing up and even today. I tend to fit in with all genres of people, but I do have my close niche of girlfriends. I spent a lot of my time with the guys skateboarding and watching them do stupid, dangerous tricks off their bikes. A few of the guys had fancy cameras and sooner or later asked if they could take my picture. It was a very new thing for me. I dug it.

How did you come to be involved with the Steadfast Sweethearts?

Well about three years ago, I was modeling as usual, doing my thing. I saw how amazingly close and supportive the Steadfast Brand team was, and how well Chris and Aurora looked after their family. I also noticed that they had just a small handful of ladies on their Steadfast Sweethearts team. Chris knew I kept inquiring about moving forward with Steadfast Brand and then he sent me a huge box of merchandise. It kind of just went from there. I then was asked to help manage one of the social media pages and here I am today! Still backing and supportive as ever.

When did you first decide to get tattoos?

Funny story actually. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday at a shop in Fairbanks, Alaska by the name of Good Karma. My mom wasn't so stoked about it but as long as I paid for it, then it would fly okay. I rolled up, got tattooed, and had somehow misplaced my wallet. She had to drive down and pay for it herself. Her and I still laugh about it today.

Have you ever faced stereotyping/ridicule for your decision to get tattoos? How did you handle it?

It's become more and more acceptable nowadays. In the beginning, I experienced a lot more ridicule though. It happens rarely nowadays. I'm actually praised for it. People are so amazed and drawn to them. Grandparents, moms, children, etc. Not long ago I was walking out of my work, and some guy asked me how much time I served after commenting on my facial tattoo. I used to respond more negatively, but now I just either laugh or I'm very cynical. At least I got my sense of humor still. In this industry, you gotta have thick skin, or else you'll be walked all over. Rise above.

What are some things you always like to incorporate into every shoot you do?

I used to think shooting was all about having everything on point. It's not about that. I've seen girls photoshopped where they don't even look like humans anymore. Flaws are rad. I'm a beast, not a barbie doll. I always try and incorporate no shoes, or a pair of knock around kicks in my shoots. I'm a girly tomboy.

Describe a dream photo shoot for yourself.

Two words. Van Styles. *thumbs up*

You post a lot about being in the gym; what’s your fitness schedule like?

My workout routine has changed a lot through the years. It used to be only cardio and core. I had a six pack even but I wasn't what I consider "strong."
I was skinny fat. I switched it all up. I started using weights and eventually upped my weight each time and now I am at a steady pace where I feel comfortable. I can do a pull up without falling down, I can dead-lift almost 100 lbs, and I could throw your girlfriend over my shoulder and carry her through the woods, haha.


What are your thoughts on the tattoo industry?

Forever evolving. It was more of a show at first, an exhibit. I "joined the freak-show" and now it's more like family. We are all here for the same reason. We all want success for one another. We want to build one another up. We want to feel safe and accepted. This isn't a competition. This is an industry that we respect. That we can enjoy together.

Are you a dog or cat person?

I'm a nerd. I grew up with birds. Parrots, actually. I've also owned my fair share of pet frogs. I like exotic pets. Reptiles, etc.

If you could pick any artist to give you a tattoo, who would it be?

Chaim Machlev.
Emily Rose Murray.
Jeff Gogue.
There's way too many. #elite

What was the most recent best/worst movie you saw?

Definitely best this year was Mad Max: Fury Road. Amazing from start to finish. Hard to choose a bad one. If I'm not feeling it within five minutes, I just put on something else.

Any shows you recently binge-watched?

Holy crap, The Walking Dead. I just binge watched five seasons in two weeks. Season five wasn't even available on Netflix or TV, so I downloaded Amazon Prime and bought the whole fifth series. I just finished it tonight, and now I don't know how to go on with my life until the sixth season comes out.

Would you rather be smart or sexy?

Smart for sure. Because as cliche as it sounds, smart IS sexy. 

If you could address the entire human race at once, what would you say?

"And then I was like, Emilioooo!!!!" 

If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing you would ask for, and why?

Season six of The Walking Dead. Hahaha.

Heidi has always kept Steadfast Brand's message involved in the work she does, and we couldn't be more grateful for that. With every photo shoot she does and every show she works, she represents Steadfast Brand in the best way possible. Thank you for everything you do for the Steadfast family, Heidi.

Oh, and your magic wand kinda worked?? ;)

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