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Meet the Crew: A.J.

March 25, 2016


Our next interview in the Meet the Crew series finds its way to A.J. Davis. A.J. has always been the type to alleviate any stress in the office with a quick joke or a change of pace, and it's certainly welcome on those days with a million things to do. He's also way too clever for his own good, but don't ever tell him that. Meet A.J.

Gift Card Sale

December 23, 2015

gift card sale

We know you're cramming to get all of those gifts before Christmas (trust us, we are too!). So, we're offering a crazy deal of up to 40% savings on our gift cards now through Christmas Eve! Get your savings on right here.

Steadfast Sweethearts: Keighla Night

November 13, 2015

keighla night

Keighla Night is everything we could ask for in a Sweetheart: kind, hard-working, and determined. Check out our interview with her, and learn about her start with our brand, her tattoo shops, and more.