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Steadfast Newsletter


::Tattoo Mania 2015::

Tattoo Mania 2015: - We’ve had a little while to put our feet up and focus at home-base, but we’re getting ready to drive on over to West Palm Beach for Tattoo Mania II! This is the second year of the festival, and looking to gain more traction with its impressive roster of artists and events! Artists in attendance include... [Read More]

::Meet Ryan Dwyer::

Meet Ryan Dwyer: Ryan reached out to us on Instagram after we posted a picture of our “Support Tattooed Military” shirt. He sent us a story that talked about his being rejected by the Canadian Armed Forces because of his tattoos. We feel that we are not the only ones who need to hear this story, so we asked him to.... [Read More]

::R.I.P. Isobel Varley 1937-2015::

R.I.P.Isobel Varley 1937-2015: - The tattooed community is a wonderful and eclectic melting pot of some of the best people on the planet. This makes it that much harder to see someone leave the mix.Isobel Varley passed away earlier today. She was one of the first... [Read More]

::Tattooed and Employed Stories: Christina the Paratrooper::

Tattooed and Employed Stories: Christina the Paratrooper - Our latest Tattooed and Employed Story is presented to you with a tiny dose of our brand’s history. Christina has been a part of our Steadfast Family for a long time and helped spread our brand’s message out the gate. She is an incredibly determined and.... [Read More]

May - 2015
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  • May 29th, 2015 - Tattoo Mania in West Palm Beach 2015
  • July 10th, 2015 - New York Empire State Tattoo Expo 2015
  • August 28th, 2015 - Hell City - Phoenix, Az - 2015

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    SFB Anchor Tanks: We teamed up with Alex Nunez to bring you these awesome tanks just in time for summer. [View Now]